Having a dream, an idea, a vision is one thing...

It’s another to entertain the possibilities of sharing that.

I’ve been there, am there, and will be again no doubt. There are lots of potential options out there now. But being vulnerable and honest while putting your work out there can be a tough thing to straddle. Wherever your project may take you, here’s my list of areas where I can help and offer some healthy, experience riddled tips for what ‘not’ to do…

Web Design & Development

UX and UI

The look, feel and inner workings

It's a crazy fact that having a website and web presence today adds legitimacy to your brand. You're taking on an endeavor with an idea or product and it needs quality representation online. From the first steps of planning to a complete site, I'll guide you through it. You'll be set up with SEO. If you need content written we'll create pages that fit your business and logically promote them across your social networks.

Graphic Design & Branding

Logos & Typography

A band is only as good as it's drummer...

The same goes true for a business and it's graphics and logo. That's a killer analogy right there. I just thought of that literally right now. Branding and graphics are the window into your business. You'll need graphics and images that reflect your brand and bring continuity across all your platforms. From the website to the business card and everything in-between. I'll set you up with business and marketing materials such as: Branding Logos Newsletters Brochures Business Cards Letterhead, Envelopes Custom social media cover, profile and background photos



Once we finish your site it can stay 'in-house'

I can provide hosting services. Meaning it can stay right in the family. It will be carefully looked after with all the cybernetic TLC I can provide. Through WHM (Web Host Managment) I keep it maintained, updated and running as smooth as possible. From your CMS to the plugins, it will be updated and running the latest versions. Security is practically as important as a good site design. It's top priority for me too and your site will be monitored and reviewed regularly.


Tell a 'Moving' Story

Interactive & Engaging

Video can add layers of depth and insight into your project or website. What might not be read in your rather lengthy, comprehensive bio that list every detail people need to know, might be watched on a video. It's quick and instant way to reach a larger audience. clicking the 'share' button is a way of life now-a-days.' From scripting, producing, shooting, editing and pre and post production we can add the exciting element of video to your project.


A Story to be Heard

A full recording studio & all the gear necessary

I can provide record production, songwriting, and musical writing services. This can be a simple original score for your video or recording your demo or album. Do you have lyrics that need music and melody? Need help finishing that lingering song? I've produced albums for solo artists and bands. I run Pro-Tools on Macs. A great pairing.