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Let's discuss the nuts and bolts and the best way to crack open your project while maintaining your sanity.

I’ve been there, am there, and will be again no doubt. There are lots of potential options out there now. But being vulnerable and honest while putting your work out there can be a tough thing to straddle. Wherever your project may take you, here’s my list of areas where I can help and offer some healthy, experience riddled tips for what ‘not’ to do…

There’s a multitude of industry “best practice” approaches that are crucial and fundamental to, not only the success of your project, but they keep the collective internet humming along. Every angle of your project will be examined and addressed through these design milestones to ensure it’s meeting your needs and taking shape like you’ve envisioned.

  • Development

  • Evaluating

  • User Experience

  • Solutions

  • Launch

  • Strategy

  • Targeting

  • Design

  • Framing

  • Integration

These are just a few of the phases we’ll move through. Each one is important but we can take as much or little time as needed. To say that in more intimate terms, we’ll give every step as much time as required with respect to your deadlines. To do that I strive to create a working atmosphere of…oh boy, here we go with some more presumptuous bullet points.

Being Flexible — A key factor in life and a pretty significant one in design. Ideas and perspectives can change and adapt as your project takes shape and grows. Maybe a new inspiration and direction hits midway through the framing. No worries. Let’s talk about that. Sometimes it takes a certain degree of layout and build to be done before you know what you like or don’t like. Proceed to the next item.

Communication — There are thousands of ‘how to run a better business’ books out there and they all, no doubt, have dozens of chapters devoted to the vital component of communication. It’s timeless and without it every step and process listed above can be rendered useless. So I strive to use every means available that is conducive to your schedule and lifestyle to communicate where things are at during the project’s duration. An ‘agile methodology’ is the approach I prefer.  Fancy term.  This provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development life cycle. Equally then, you the client can know you have freedom and permission to ‘think out loud.’

Processing – Sure, there’s crazy code, complicated workarounds, maybe some learning curves and countless other hurdles between your sketches and brainstorming notes to seeing your vision realized. Let’s share and swap ideas that can work together to deliver the tangible product of your inspiration to the world.

...your vision,

If it all sounds intimidating, don't worry.

We'll get through it.

We’ll work through the phases of your project. From a beginning concept and mock-up to addressing and evaluating the user’s interface of your project.  This is good stuff.  Design is a powerful element to life.

If you insist on using the Papyrus font in your project there will need to be a signed note from your PCP and an extremely persuasive explanation of why I should even consider being an accomplice to such misguided typographic tomfoolery and…more cookies than you can imagine.  Like, you’ll need to call in your grandma to help.