My name is Richie Cunningham and this is my wife Oprah

Blue Steel meets my best Tom Cruise impression

“Last I checked there’s quite a few websites out there already.  Yours deserves to be seen.”

I’ve been a student of design in all forms for as long as I can remember.  Music, architecture, literature, art, sandwiches and traffic lights.  It’s all around us and permeates all the things we take for granted or hardly notice.  My entire senior year of high school was spent in the art rooms.  Wait, no, I did have a science class of some sort.  Occasional discussions with friends often raises the question of: how did I actually graduate.  But let’s not dwell in the past.  You have a project we need to work on.  As a designer and developer I often either start from scratch in Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator and let the design unfold in a very organic way.  Or working closely with the clients prospective design (or re-design), I can take it from a theme or sketches on a legal pad to a working site.  I bring proficient experience in graphic and web design/development, consulting, video and audio production and editing, company branding, music recording and performance, music production, scoring, songwriting and video pre and post production. I focus on the individual needs of each client. My experience ranges over a wide variety of specialties and I am aware of the problems you might potentially face. Don’t ask me how.  I’d rather not talk about it.  This is meant to be a fun read.  I implement the solutions and follow through to the results.

Depending on your needs, I can also take care of your domain and hosting setup, server management (WHM), and any SEO sorcery you might want to implement.  Which you really should.  Last I checked there’s quite a few websites out there already.  Yours deserves to be seen.  If you really want to cover all the bases I can also help you increase your branding continuity by enhancing your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  I look forward to connecting with you and helping you carve out your corner of the web.  An intimate place to connect and share with…well, the entire world really.  So by “intimate” I’m employing the clever use of hyperbole.   A vernacular understatement of metaphorical proportions! …sorry about that.  I grew up doing the “Word Power” games in Reader’s Digest with my mom.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding design needs for you or your company. Or if you need a guide for say, a tour of West Michigan’s best coffee shops and/or micro brewerys, then I too am also your guy.